Bi Silver Lab

Welcome to the beating heart of Bi Silver, the Bi Silver Lab , where we design and handcraft all our products.

A laboratory where tradition blends with modernity to create unique, high-quality jewels, totally Made in Italy .

How do we do it? With an ancient technique: lost wax casting , which allows us to work with precision on every minute detail.

Where it all begins

A Bi Silver jewel is born from an idea that comes to life. I get inspired by the beauty of nature, capture what excites me and start from there!

At that moment, I begin the creative process by giving shape to a drawing that will become the starting point for working with the lost wax technique. 

Production with wax

The first step is the creation of a wax model.
Using specific heated tools, I precisely take tiny amounts of wax from a block and, drop by drop, the prototype takes shape.

Once completed, we take the model to our trusted foundry and it is inserted inside a cylinder into which a refractory material - in our case liquid plaster - will be poured. Once solidified, it is placed inside a high temperature oven for several hours. This step is used to melt the wax which, through drain channels, will drip away leaving the mold empty. 

The molten silver is then poured inside and left to cool and solidify.

Only when the metal has completely cooled and solidified will the plaster casing be broken and the piece of metal removed and refinished.

The artisan finishing

Once the silver jewel has been obtained, the finishing begins in our laboratory where Aurora will manually perfect every detail.

Each piece of jewelry undergoes additional processing to achieve the desired look, such as polishing, soldering and the addition of precious stones.

Each Bi Silver creation is a symbol of art, passion and artisanal dedication.